It is not only the business of Daiki to make aluminum alloys. Under the theme "There is nothing to be discarded on Earth," the whole Daiki group is promoting a variety of activities.
For Example, Daiki Metal Co.,Ltd. as an affiliated company makes it its main business to sort metal from waste materials for recycling. After iron scrap is removed, fragment non-ferrous residues of End-of-Life-Vehicle(ELV) are sent to an advanced sink-float process that separates and classify metals. The separated aluminium is transported to each factory of Daiki for refinement, while the other metals are not discarded but provided to refineries and manufacture companies.

Daiki is continuously exploring methods of recycling waste materials and compound materials of home electric appliances and electoronic equipment as well as scraps of ELV. Furthermore, in addition to a reduction in the amount of these waste materials, Daiki is continuing researches on the effective re-use of industrial waste resulting from the production process in factories.
Daiki wants to change waste into something useful. For the details of Daiki's environment-friendly research activity, see Further Reduction of Waste in the Green Section.

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