Development of a Variety of Alloys
DAIKI's powerful research and development with a large number of achievements in the past have been widely known in the industry. The following ones are some of the results of the research and development.

(2) HT-1 Highly Thermal Conductive Alloy for Die-casting Applications (Patent Pending)

The HT-1 alloy provides high thermal conduction that cannot be achieved by conventional aluminum alloys.
of HT-1
Ensures the highest fluidity with a 12% to 14% Si content in comparison with other alloys for die-casting purposes, thus the thin portion is perfectly filled.
The alloy with a 0.5% to 1.0% Fe content is prevented from sticking to the die.
Ensures castability, thus ensuring a good product yield.
for HT-1
Parts that require good heat dissipation characteristics, e.g., computers, game machines, heat sinks for electric devices, and heating blocks.

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