Aluminum alloys are used in all scenes in our daily life for a variety of applications, such as car bodies, engine components, optical devices including cameras, home electric appliances, and housing materials. Needless to say, the chemical ingredients of aluminum alloys vary with the product applicable.
Daiki has been responding to such diversified needs steadily. After adding a variety of metals in units of ppm to aluminum scraps while taking advantage of the characteristics of aluminum, Daiki has been producing versatile aluminum alloys by melting and refining the materials.
Although aluminum alloys are made from aluminum as a major ingredient, finished aluminum alloys are very different in metal characteristics. Some of them may be excellent in castability, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. Other ones may be excellent in machinability, tensile strength, and pressure tightness. Daiki's cultivated technology is applied to the production sites where aluminum alloys are newly born.
Daiki as a pioneer in the aluminum alloys industry has been achieving substantial result and developing casting technology since its establishment in 1922. Daiki products are highly evaluated not only in Japan but also overseas and ranked as a benchmark(index and standard) in the world.
You cannot see Daiki's <DIK> trademark on processed Daiki products used as part of finished consumable products. A large number of Daiki's aluminum alloys are, however, playing important roles all over the world.

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